MSP Voice Webinar Series with Myki (Recording)

Myki for MSPs

On May 23, 2019 I hosted Richad Daly and Karim Abousleiman from Myki who walked through their password manager aimed specifically at MSPs. The interesting thing about Myki is that they don’t store your passwords in the cloud, all passwords are stored in an encrypted local database. The secure database can then be sync’ed between devices (phones,  tablets, computers) so it’s accessible on any device you use and they use a browser plug-in like most other password managers.

Myki for MSPs is essentially a password as a service (PWaaS) offering that MSPs can provide to their customers. The MSP has full control of passwords for internal use (by the MSP employees) and can also setup their customers with their own Myki password portal. With per-user (not per-device) pricing there is plenty of room for additional margin for the MSP. The MSP also has the ability to run reports for their customers on password strength as well as duplicate passwords (this is done by comparing the encrypted hashes, not the actual passwords). Myki will also auto-generate passwords, blocking the password from the user so they don’t actually know the password (but can use Myki to login). Myki supports two factor authentication (2FA) as well, making it pretty robust.

Watch the recording and find out more about Myki, including a product demo…

MSP Voice Webinar Series #13 – Myki

Thursday, May 23 at 2PM Eastern

Are you frustrated maintaining passwords across all your customers? Are you looking for something different? Join me in this webinar with Myki who have a unique take on password management (and how they store those passwords).

Presented by Richard Daly, Global Sales Lead Manager and Karim Abousleiman, Product Manager who will go through a demo.

Richard brings over 20 years experience to his current role with Myki leading the discussions with MSP’s. RIchard started his own IT reseller business over 20 years ago which over time morphed into the IT services business working as the technical lead on behalf of channel partners before entering the vendor world, most recently with RapidFire Tools after having spent time with other notable MSP vendors such as AlienVault and Solarwinds

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MSP Voice Webinar Series with NETGEAR (Recording)

On May 14, 2019 I hosted a webinar with Shaheen Kazi of NETGEAR where she went over their Insight Pro line of managed network gear. It allows MSPs to deliver network as a service (NaaS) to their customers. With multi-tenancy, remote management and even remote setup, Insight Pro makes complicated networking look easy. Once you purchase an Insight Pro enabled device, it’s only $14.99 (or less) per year to fully manage it through their web and mobile applications.

NOTE: NETGEAR ReadyNAS is also Insight enabled so if you’re using ReadyNAS to store local CloudBerry Backups you can keep track of capacity remotely. 

Some additional resources covered in the webinar:

MSP Information on Insight Pro (included reports cited in the webinar)

Main Insight page

Insight devices

Case studies, reviews, videos and more

Contact NETGEAR sales team about Insight

Watch the recording here:

MSP Voice Webinar with Virtus Law (Recording)

On May 9th I hosted a webinar with Thomas Fafinski of Virtus Law. Thomas focused on ways to retain key employees. He used an example of a layer cake and how there are some things you offer to all employees (the lower layers of the cake) and then other things you offer to key employees (the top layers of the cake). The example employee Thomas used was a highly qualified sales person, the type of role I know many MSPs look to make their first hire.

To hear what Thomas has to say, check out the recording below and be sure to check out Virtus Law if you need any legal assistance for your MSP.

MSP Voice Webinar Series with Ulistic (Recording)


On May 7th I hosted a Webinar with Stuart Crawford from Ulistic. Ulistic provides marketing and website assistance for MSPs. Having been a MSP himself, Stuart brings a lot of credibility to knowing what MSPs need when it comes to promotion.

During this webinar, Stuart explains his past experience and also goes through a number of helpful tips. During the webinar Stuart mentions a book and says he’ll mail a copy to anyone (in the US) who drops him at email at and includes the name of the book (you have to watch the recording to get the name).

Enjoy the recording and make sure to check for upcoming webinars that you can attend live.

MSP Voice Webinar Series #12 – NETGEAR

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 2PM Eastern

Do you know that NETGEAR makes products for the MSP market? They have an entire line of network and storage that can be managed remotely and supports multi-tenancy. 

Come hear about NETGEAR Insight Pro – a cloud-based network management platform that is ideal for small business networks and for the MSPs and VARs who provide SMB network services. Insight provides 24/7 access on a single pane of glass across for all customers’ network locations for complete devices onboarding and setup, configurations, ongoing monitoring and management.

Shaheen Kazi

In this session, Shaheen Kazi, Director of Product Management for Insight, will talk about the capabilities of Insight. Shaheen led the definition and development the NETGEAR Insight solution and continues to oversee its evolution.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #11 with Virtus Law

May 9, 2019 2PM

For our second webinar of the week, we’re going to have Thomas M Fafinski  of Virtus Law, PLLC join us. Thomas is going to cover a range of topics important to MSPs and this should be a good, informative session for all MSPs.

“Strategies Associated with Retaining Key Employees: Like Building a Layered Cake”

  • Benefits and Benefit Programs
  • Corporate Culture
  • Base Compensation
  • Variable Compensation (based on individual performance)
  • Variable Compensation (based on group performance)
  • Synthetic Equity and Phantom Stock Options

Other topics he will touch on include the services his firm offers Managed Service Providers, i.e. Master Service Agreements, Asset Protection Strategies, Mergers and Acquisitions, Income Tax Planning and Business Succession Planning.

Please note the intent of this webinar is not to make this a commercial for his firm, as Tom is a strong believer in providing value to people prior to retention.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #10 with Ulistic

May 7, 2019 at 2PM Eastern

Up next in our webinar series is Stuart Crawford from Ulistic. Ulistic is a marketing firm for MSPs and Stuart is going to share his experiences in being a “MSP Marketer”.

Lessons Learned Marketing MSPs For Over 17 Years

Experience, that is what it takes to market an MSP.  Stuart Crawford has a proven track record working with many of the top managed IT service companies.  In 2001, Stuart formed IT Matters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and in seven short years built his MSP from 3 guys fixing computers to a top IT service company.  After successfully exiting from IT Matters, Stuart went on to form Ulistic to serve the managed service community by providing marketing services for managed IT service providers.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series – Tech Blog Builder

On April 4, 2019 I hosted Matthew Rodela from Tech Blog Builder. As you can imagine, they’re in the business of helping MSPs create content for their blogs. Rather than give us a straight up pitch on Tech Blog Builder, Matthew walked through “The Anatomy of an Effective MSP Blog Post”. Matthew included 8 parts of an effective blog post and also some ideas on where to get topics for blog posts.

Blogging is something we all know we SHOULD be doing but finding the time and topics can be a bit overwhelming. I think Matthew lays out a pretty good foundation for getting started (or re-starting if your blog hasn’t been updated for a while).

At the end, Matthew offers a special offer. In the video he has a date of April 11, 2019 but he has agreed to extend this until April 18, 2019 so people can take advantage of it (because I’m late in getting this blog post up).

MSP Voice Webinar Series with Venator

On March 26th I hosted Piers Mummery from Venator in our webinar series. Piers presented some very useful “back to basics” tips for MSP sales and marketing. Piers gives some great tips on creating a value proposition for your business. Later, Piers even has a great formula for how many calls you need to make to hit your quarterly and yearly revenue targets.

I had a some internet issues at the beginning but if you can make it past the first minute and 30 seconds it goes OK from there.

Make sure to watch until the end for a special offer from Piers!