MSP Voice Webinar Series #19 – Invarosoft™ ITSupportBot Demo

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 2PM ET

I’m pleased to welcome Jamie Warner the CEO of Invarosoft™ to this webinar. Jamie will discuss how the Invarosoft ITSM Customer Experience Platform (ITSM CX) can help your MSP reduce tickets, increase productivity and improve your customer experience.

How Apps, Bots & Automation are revolutionizing the MSP Customer Experience (CX)

As an MSP it’s important to focus on your stack of tools, but what often get’s missed is the ‘front-end’ customer experience (CX). In the last 20 years nothing much has changed with more than 90% of MSPs still giving clients a sticker or mouse-pad with their phone and email details as the primary customer experience. In an App economy this is somewhat out of step with the modern consumer world.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #18 – (Recording)

On December 4, 2019 I hosted Maddy Martin from for a webinar on “How to Convert More MSP Leads & Gain More Time For High-Value Work“. This webinar was very informative as rather that just talking about, Maddy goes through a number of ways any MSP can convert more leads to actual business. A big part of this process is using technology tools to help you do just that. Maddy talks a lot about how to automate you lead follow-up and also free tools and services that you can use to help.

Check out the recording and be sure to watch until the end for a special offer from

During the webinar Maddy mentions several products that are useful to MSPs and can help with automation, below is a partial list and you can see all the products integrates with by visiting their integrations page.

MSP Voice Webinar Series #17 – GMS Live Expert (Recording)

On November 20. 2019 I hosted Randy Gould and Danny Obaseki from GMS Live Expert. GMS Live Expert provides outsourced help desk for MSPs, no matter the size of the MSP. If you’re considering building your own help desk they do have a handy calculator to help you understand all the costs (from staffing to equipment) so you can make an informed decision if outsourcing is right for you.

Randy and Danny talk in depth about their services as well as their employee satisfaction levels. Most of their mentors (techs) have been with them for several years, much better than the industry average for help desk technicians.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #18 –

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 2PM Eastern

I’m pleased to welcome Maddy Martin from to this webinar where Maddy will discuss how offers virtual receptionist and chat services that can help you capture more customers.

How to Convert More MSP Leads & Gain More Time For High-Value Work

Is your MSP’s lead-conversion process in need of an overhaul? Could your clients be better served? Ask yourself:

  • Do you have difficulty converting online leads and referrals into clients?
  • Do you find yourself giving the same answers over and over to leads and clients?
  • Do you wish new clients were better informed about your services and how your business works?
  • Do you struggle to balance responding to customer support requests with getting “real” work done? And, are you answering front-line phone calls and triaging work when you should be handling truly technical work and managing other aspects of the business?
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MSP Voice Webinar Series #16 – Syncro (Recording)

On October 2, 2019 I hosted Crystal Henkle and Ian Alexander from Syncro MSP to have them walk us through their combined PSA/RMM solution for MSPs. Rather than a slideshow, Crystal dove right into the product, first showing how to integration the MSP360 Managed Backup platform with Syncro and then going through all the useful features that their combined PSA, RMM and remote access has to offer.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #16 – Syncro!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 – 2PM Eastern

Join our host, Doug Hazelman, for this webinar by Syncro. Full description on what to expect is below…

Are you frustrated with having to pay for a PSA, an RMM and a Remote Access tool in order to effectively run your business? Are you tired of using MSP software made by a company that doesn’t really listen to their users and has slow development cycles that don’t incorporate your feedback?

If so, our upcoming webinar with the folks from Syncro might be the perfect place for you 🙂

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MSP Voice Webinar #15 with vCIOToolbox (Recording)

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, I hosted a webinar with Brian Doyle from vCIOToolbox. vCIOToolbox has created a platform to make quarterly business reviews (QBRs) easier to schedule and managed. Through a series of assessment questions, you’re able to create a long-term action plan with each of your customers. vCIOToolbox has a number of features, including workflows so that your entire team can contribute to the assessment and approve it before you review it with your customer. There are also a number of templates available to help you through the process and each can be customized or you can create your own. vCIOToolbox also integrates with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask so you can keep your customer data (and tickets) synchronized between the platforms.

Before you jump into thevCIOToolbox, there’s a resource you should check out call PowerQBR. It goes through the 6 steps of the QBR process that vCIOToolbox recommends (and can help you with). You can request the free resource here:

MSP Voice Webinar Series #15 – vCIOToolbox

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 2PM Eastern

Join our host Doug Hazelman as he welcomes Brian Doyle from vCIOToolbox. vCIOToolbox is a system that’s designed to help you with your quarterly business reviews (QBR’s) with your customers. Below is a brief synopsis of what Brian will be presenting.

How to avoid “The Curse” of the great MSP through regular Business Reviews
“The Curse” is a challenge that most MSP’s face at some point in their business.  The more we automate and support remotely, the less we are seen onsite and the client experiences less service issues and downtime.  Often, instead of handshakes and high-fives, your value can be called into question “because things never break” and if you are not positioned well with your client you may be replaced by a lower cost vendor.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series with TechStak (Recording)

On Tuesday, July 16 I hosted a webinar with TechStak. TechStak is a company that is building a platform to connect small businesses with IT service providers, MSPs.

Nicol Pasuit from TechStack

Kathryn Daniels from TechStack








Nicol Pasuit and Kathryn Daniels took us through the complete offering and explained the benefits of TechStak. It’s easy for an MSP to get listed (and free). Once listed the MSP can then go through the next step of “vetting” (also free) and be eligible to receive hot leads from TechStak. There is a small fee to accept a lead, then once the deal closes the MSP pays a commission to TechStak. For SMB’s, TechStak fully qualifies them including projects, budgets and timelines so when a lead is sent to an MSP it’s fully qualified.

To hear more about what TechStak has to offer, watch the reply of the webinar below.