MSP Voice Webinar Series – Tech Blog Builder

On April 4, 2019 I hosted Matthew Rodela from Tech Blog Builder. As you can imagine, they’re in the business of helping MSPs create content for their blogs. Rather than give us a straight up pitch on Tech Blog Builder, Matthew walked through “The Anatomy of an Effective MSP Blog Post”. Matthew included 8 parts of an effective blog post and also some ideas on where to get topics for blog posts.

Blogging is something we all know we SHOULD be doing but finding the time and topics can be a bit overwhelming. I think Matthew lays out a pretty good foundation for getting started (or re-starting if your blog hasn’t been updated for a while).

At the end, Matthew offers a special offer. In the video he has a date of April 11, 2019 but he has agreed to extend this until April 18, 2019 so people can take advantage of it (because I’m late in getting this blog post up).

MSP Voice Webinar Series with Venator

On March 26th I hosted Piers Mummery from Venator in our webinar series. Piers presented some very useful “back to basics” tips for MSP sales and marketing. Piers gives some great tips on creating a value proposition for your business. Later, Piers even has a great formula for how many calls you need to make to hit your quarterly and yearly revenue targets.

I had a some internet issues at the beginning but if you can make it past the first minute and 30 seconds it goes OK from there.

Make sure to watch until the end for a special offer from Piers!

MSP Voice Webinar Series with Strategy Overview

On March 19 I hosted Alex Markov from Strategy Overview where he gave some great advice on how to be a true vCIO for your customers and kickstart your vCIO process. Alex has been running his MSP, Red Key Solutions, for several years and over that time he has developed a method for strategy planning with his customers. Alex has taken this knowledge and created a software solution that is available to any MSP. The Strategy Overview software will help you plan your QBR’s with your customers and also keep you up-to-date on their technology stack so you can work with them to plan upgrades.

Go here to check it out and grab a free account

You can check out the full webinar here…

Here is a short video about the spirit of their app…

MSP Voice Webinar Series #9 with Tech Blog Builder

April 4, 2019 2PM Eastern

I’m excited to host Matthew Rodela from Tech Blog Builder for this webinar as he presents on the Anatomy of an Effective MSP Blog Post.

A blog post is the bedrock of your content marketing strategy.  Done right it can attract the right leads via SEO and social, convert your current leads through newsletters, and keep your existing customers loyal through consistent education.  But done poorly, it has the potential to tank your business. In this webinar we’ll discuss the power of the blog, the 8 keys to writing an effective post, what to do with a post after it’s written, and how Tech Blog Builder can help you with all of the above.

Matthew Rodela is a former IT business owner who now focuses on helping other IT businesses succeed through his podcast, The Computer Business Marketing Show, and his services Tech Site Builder and Tech Blog Builder.

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WATCH! MSP Voice Webinar with Carrie Simpson of Managed Sales Pros

On March 14, 2019 I hosted Carrie Simpson of Managed Sales Pros who dropped some great knowledge on cold calling and telemarketing in general. I know most people really dislike cold calling but Carrie has build a great business doing just that for the MSP market!

Carrie gives some great advice on why cold calling works and we even discuss how to hire and train people to be great at cold calling. Carrie explains her process of how they qualify leads, nurture them and then finally schedule them for a face-to-face meeting. Having made over a million calls for her clients last year, Carrie explains why her process works.

Watch here and be sure to checkout Managed Sales Pros

MSP Voice Webinar Series #8 with Venator

March 26, 2019 2PM Eastern

In this webinar Piers Mummery from Venator is going to present a “back to basics” approach for MSPs to help them grow their business. Piers brings a wealth of knowledge to this topic as evidence by his bio below…

Piers Mummery

Piers has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and significant expertise and operational skills across many areas and disciplines in business. He is an active non-executive director and business advisor and currently works with business owners and leaders in MSP’s and Technology businesses accelerating growth and driving business performance.

As an experienced business leader, he was most recently CEO for ImagIT Solutions in Chicago and played a central role throughout 2018 in migrating the business from an historic break/fix operation to an MSP.

Piers was previously the founder and CEO of BrightMove Media in London, the worlds first digital taxitop advertising network on London black taxis and was responsible for the launch of the business in 2013.  He has over 30 years experience in technology sales and marketing and is an avid fan of driving performance-based sales and marketing. In the late 2000’s Piers launched, built and sold a successful garden leisure retail business.  Prior to this he managed the turnaround of a European telecoms business on behalf of a prominent US VC. In 2000, he was VP of Business Development for YAC, an Internet-based unified communications provider and was the founder of the UK operation. Before 2000, Piers co-founded Dimension M, a 25-person technology marketing agency.  He is passionate about innovation and growing businesses.

As an active networker, he can also often be found propping up various bars and wineries with other like-minded business owners, whilst discussing how to scale and grow business.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series – IT Rockstars

On February 26th I hosted Scott Millar of IT Rockstars for #5 in our webinar series. Scott provided some very valuable information on how to prospect and get leads using social channels, especially LinkedIn. Any MSP can follow his tips for lead generation but IT Rockstars also provides valuable content for MSPs to use in your marketing efforts. If you’re interested, hit up the IT Rockstars site (link includes pricing at the bottom of the page) and see what they can do for you.

Watch the webinar here:

MSP Voice Webinar Series #7 vCIO with Strategy Overview

Date: March 19, 2019 – 2PM EDT

Strategy Overview is a company founded by Alex Markov and provides software and processes to help streamline the vCIO process. Join us on this webinar to hear about their solution and how Alex’s experiences in running an MSP has helped him create this useful service.

Alex Markov is the President of Red Key Solutions, a leading Managed IT provider serving New York City and the CEO of Strategy Overview, the leading vCIO software for MSPs. Alex is a lifelong technologist and a vCIO guru focusing on delivering next level value to clients and driving technology evolution for all companies in the world.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #6 – Managed Sales Pros

Date: March 14, 2019

Managed Sales Pros works solely in the IT Channel. They know your business and your frustrations intimately. Join us on this webinar to learn how they’re helping companies just like yours keep their sales pipeline full of warm leads.

Carrie Simpson is the CEO of Managed Sales Pros Inc. in Canada and Everywhere Managed LLC in the U.S. Both companies focus exclusively on sales prospecting solutions for the technology industry. Simpson was named one of Profit Magazine’s 5 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch list in 2016 and Managed Sales Pros was recognized as the 25th fastest growing start-up in Canada in 2017 (Profit Magazine, Fast 50). She was a finalist in the Technology Entrepreneur category of the Las Vegas Women in Technology Awards 2018. Under her leadership, Managed Sales Pros has experienced four-year growth of more than 620 percent. Simpson’s clients include Cisco, OpenDNS, Datto and dozens of technology solution providers. She is a frequent blogger on technology sales challenges.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series – Nerdio

On February 21st I hosted Joseph Landes from Nerdio. Nerdio is very unique in that they help MSPs get their customers on Microsoft Azure. Nerdio has built a fully automated platform that will provide all required services and link users to Office 365, allowing the MSP simple setup and management of a complete Azure/Office 365 environment.

Nerdio even helps with pricing and can help you estimate the price for all services (including the Nerdio management interface). You can check out their price calculator where you can plug in all the numbers for a customer and get their estimated pricing.

Part of the management platform even lets you change server types and resources on the fly, all from their interface. You can also set up schedules to scale up or scale back services which can help even more with costs.

Check out the video and see Joseph explain all the details and benefits of Nerdio as well as give a brief demo of the Nerdio platform in action.