MSP Voice Webinar Series #20 – Paul Green’s Marketing Edge (Recording)

On Wednesday, January 22, 2020 I hosted Paul Green from MSP Marketing Edge on a webinar where he went through a number of great strategies for MSP Marketing.

Paul’s approach comes from years of marketing experience and he also has a service that provides content to MSPs. To make sure that your competition isn’t using the same content, Paul only allows 1 MSP per area to subscribe to his service. Since launching his service in the US just a few months ago, there are plenty of openings around the country.

Paul spends most of the webinar talking about effective marketing and how to set yourself apart from others. If you’re looking for some great marketing advice, be sure to watch!

Paul also has a special deal on a book he’s written called “Updating servers doesn’t grow your business” If you sign up at you can enter your information and you’ll get a downloadable PDF and Paul will also ship (for free) a hard copy book to your address.