“Chambers and MSPs Community to Profitability” by H. Michael Wayland

H. Michael Wayland,

Managing Director

Byte-Werx, LLC

Leads, Leads, Leads! The perpetual problem MSP owners are always struggling to answer is how to generate leads. There are many ways to tackle the problem and one often tried (and discarded) outlet is local chambers of commerce.  I am Michael Wayland, Owner of Byte-Werx, LLC out of Houston. I have built my successful MSP almost entirely on network marketing, with chambers of commerce key to this strategy. I did this using some basic tactics I learned from the last job I had before going into business for myself, a Communication Coordinator at a local chamber of commerce.  So how can you and your company successfully market through local chambers when so many fail and give up? Continue reading ““Chambers and MSPs Community to Profitability” by H. Michael Wayland”

MSP Patch Management: Introduction to the Topic

Patch management is a fundamental process in the realm of IT that offers the ability to systematically obtain, test, install and manage numerous code changes or ‘patches’ on both workstations and servers. The key objective of patch management is to keep various systems in a network up-to-date and secure against hackers, malware, and phishing attacks to ensure the complete protection of a client’s network and use new software features. Continue reading “MSP Patch Management: Introduction to the Topic”