Should I Specialize? Find your Vertical to Hit the Right Customers by J. David Sims

J. David Sims is the Managing Partner at Security First IT. Today we’re publishing his article about the importance of the industry specialization for every MSP business in terms of revenue growth.

You see the previous IT guy walk out of the sales presentation with your prospect. You’re up next. As you walk into the conference room, you see several people sitting there just waiting to hear what you and your company will be able to do for them. On the table, you notice three other sales proposals. You recognize a couple as your competitors and you know that your offerings are very similar. Continue reading “Should I Specialize? Find your Vertical to Hit the Right Customers by J. David Sims”

How I Decided to “Do HIPAA” in My MSP by Anton Kioroglo

Today we’re publishing another contributed article from a real MSP. This one is written by one of the MSP Voice podcast guests Anton Kioroglo, a Charlotte-based MSP owner. If you haven’t watched the episode with Anton, watch it right here.

Author: Anton Kioroglo, CSO, Security First IT

Anton Kioroglo is the Chief Security Officer, and co-owner of Security First IT, LLC. Security First IT is a Charlotte-based IT management and security firm that specializes in solving the cyber security and IT needs that small and medium-sized businesses experience throughout the country.

I still remember my first HIPAA customer; it was a small medical practice with 8 computers. The network equipment was housed on a shelf inside the staff restroom, just above the toilet. Several of the ceiling tiles were missing in that bathroom or “network closet” as they liked to call it, and a big box fan sat on the floor pushing air toward the door. On the wall opposite the toilet, where the door was hung, was another shelf which contained the audio equipment. A $3,000 surround sound amp sat on that shelf playing the local pop radio station through the ceiling mounted speakers in the hallways.

I remember asking one of the staff if anyone used that restroom. “No, no one’s used that one for years,” she told me. “Well, except to clean some of the equipment in the sink, or flush something down the toilet, but otherwise no.” A bit confused by her answer, I asked: “so it goes unused except when it’s being used?”

Continue reading “How I Decided to “Do HIPAA” in My MSP by Anton Kioroglo”

My Experiences Working for an MSP

Nathan R.

Prior to getting a job at an MSP, I didn’t have any professional IT experience. I had only “hobbyist” knowledge that pertained mostly to consumer desktop hardware. I did have a plethora of Customer Service experience, as many of us do nowadays, and the desire to apply myself and jump into the professional IT world. I also wanted to introduce myself to professional and enterprise-level technologies that I just wouldn’t be able to access on my own. Continue reading “My Experiences Working for an MSP”

“For IT Solutions Providers, The Best Pricing Model Is A Profitable One” by James Vickery

James Vickery for MSP Voice

James Vickery

Benchmark 365 

When it comes to pricing, collectively, IT solutions providers have always been a bit too focused on finding the holy grail: a one-size-fits-all pricing model. The truth is, however, that it’s pretty much a certainty that this will never be the case or at the very least – what works now won’t in the future.

So as entrepreneurs we need to keep a vigilant eye on how we earn our revenue – and equally – think creatively about how we manage the expense side of the equation so we can maximize margins and profit. Continue reading ““For IT Solutions Providers, The Best Pricing Model Is A Profitable One” by James Vickery”

“Why You Don’t Need to Change Your RMM/PSA Provider Too Often” by Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor for MSP Voice

Steve Taylor

MSP Webinars

You’ve seen these questions. You may have even asked these questions at one point. But one thing is for sure: when you see this question posted you cringe and wonder why that person didn’t search for their question before posting it again. After all, it’s asked almost daily.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that none of these tools are perfect. Every three to six months I would realize I’m unhappy and go on a big search to figure out which tool is the best so I can switch to it. Because of that, I’ve used ConnectWise Manage at least twice, Autotask at least three times, Kaseya BMS twice, Zendesk three times, and a slew of other PSAs. Let’s not even talk about the RMMs… Continue reading ““Why You Don’t Need to Change Your RMM/PSA Provider Too Often” by Steve Taylor”

“Chambers and MSPs Community to Profitability” by H. Michael Wayland

H. Michael Wayland,

Managing Director

Byte-Werx, LLC

Leads, Leads, Leads! The perpetual problem MSP owners are always struggling to answer is how to generate leads. There are many ways to tackle the problem and one often tried (and discarded) outlet is local chambers of commerce.  I am Michael Wayland, Owner of Byte-Werx, LLC out of Houston. I have built my successful MSP almost entirely on network marketing, with chambers of commerce key to this strategy. I did this using some basic tactics I learned from the last job I had before going into business for myself, a Communication Coordinator at a local chamber of commerce.  So how can you and your company successfully market through local chambers when so many fail and give up? Continue reading ““Chambers and MSPs Community to Profitability” by H. Michael Wayland”

MSP Patch Management: Introduction to the Topic

Patch management is a fundamental process in the realm of IT that offers the ability to systematically obtain, test, install and manage numerous code changes or ‘patches’ on both workstations and servers. The key objective of patch management is to keep various systems in a network up-to-date and secure against hackers, malware, and phishing attacks to ensure the complete protection of a client’s network and use new software features. Continue reading “MSP Patch Management: Introduction to the Topic”