MSP Voice Episode 70 – “Pricing and Packaging” with Nigel Moore

Guest: Nigel Moore

Company: The Tech Tribe

This week my guest is Nigel Moore with The Tech Tribe who joins us from Australia. Having been in the business since 2002, Nigel has an interesting story about how he came to own his own MSP in 2007. Starting as break-fix, it took a few years to convert everyone to MRR but along the way, he learned quite a bit. Nigel has documented what he learned in a book he wrote called “Package, Price, Profit – The Essential Guide to Packaging and Pricing Your MSP Plans” available from Amazon. Nigel shares a lot of his experiences in this episode that you can put into use today in your own MSP.

While Nigel is no longer running his MSP, he does own a company called The Tech Tribe where he coaches MSPs on how to grow their business. During the podcast, we kept the topics to MSP business and I hope to have Nigel on the MSP Voice Webinar Series soon to talk about The Tech Tribe.

News of the week

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