MSP Voice Episode 72 – “Managed Defense, Detection and Response” with Yigal Behar

Guest: Yigal Behar

Company: 2Secure

This week’s guest is Yigal Behar with 2Secure out of the New York City area. Yigal came to the US from Israel where he had an IT consulting firm and also worked at a company providing security services. Taking his enterprise expertise to the US, he decided to open up a consultancy to help smaller businesses be more secure. Yigal doesn’t like to place his business solely in the MSSP box as he also offers MDDR (Managed Defense, Detection and Response). MDDR has aspects of MSSP but also offers more proactive detection and remediation.

Yigal has also written the book “Digital War: The One Cybersecurity Strategy You Need to Implement Now to Secure Your Business.” Which you can download in ebook form from his website:

Yigal and I have a great conversation about a number of security issues related to MSPs

News of the Week

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Brief: If you haven’t installed last week’s critical update, you need to

Clients who won’t give up Windows 7
Brief: How do you convince your clients to upgrade?

FTCode Ransomware Now Steals Saved Login Credentials
Brief: FTCode Ransomware has been updated with a nasty new capability