MSP Voice Episode 69 – “Self Made” with Andrew Lassise

Guest: Andrew Lassise

Company: Rush Tech Support

Andrew started off with a degree in finance in 2009. Unfortunately, because of the recession, he had to switch gears and focus on IT instead of finance. He found a position at a company doing break-fix remotely and then was approached by some friends about starting their own IT company. While the company didn’t last long, they had managed to get a large number of customers. Andrew worked out a deal with previous owners and was able to transition many of those customers to his own, new business…Rush Tech Support.

Rush Tech focuses mostly on residential and through previous work relationships was able to grow even more through mergers with other tech support companies. Andrew was able to grow from just $36,000 in his first year by himself to over $1.75 million the next year. With a lot of continued merger and acquisition growth over the years, Rush Tech is still about 90% residential and 10% MSP. Andrew says they’re going to continue focusing on business and MSP work moving forward even though he still feels there’s a great market for residential.

Andrew also hosts his own podcast called “Self Made and Sober” – With long-term sobriety, Andrew views this podcast as about the necessity for like-minded people trying to maintain sobriety while achieving more in their lives, whether it be personal, in business or spiritual. Each episode will feature guests, people Andrew looks up to in sobriety, in business, and in life. They discuss the ups and downs of their lives, how they achieved sobriety and success in all its many forms.

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