About MSP Voice

MSP Voice is a podcast produced by MSP360 where each week we talk to different managed service providers about their business. We cover topics like how to get started, what are some of the best tools and even what to avoid. The goal is to be informative and a go-to resource for any MSP looking to start or grow their business.

Hosted by Doug Hazelman

Doug Hazelman is a software industry veteran with over 20 years experience including 9.5 years at Veeam Software. He was on the executive team at Veeam, also helped spearhead Veeam’s community and technical evangelists efforts as well as provided insight into product strategy.

Since 2017, Doug holds the position of VP of Technical Marketing at MSP360.

Doug has held various management positions at other software companies throughout his career. He graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Western Illinois University with a minor in marketing.