MSP Voice Episode 36 – “Texas 2 Step” With Reese Ormand

Guest: Reese Ormand

Company: Techvera

Based just outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Techvera was actually started by Reese’s dad as a break/fix consumer repair shop. Getting involved in the business in his teens, Reese went off to college and came back to take over the business and transition to MSP instead of break/fix. They now offer a standard stack to their customers. Reese offers some great tips and insights into their transition from break/fix to MSP. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 36 – “Texas 2 Step” With Reese Ormand”

MSP Voice Episode 35 – “ITBOG” with Scott Sanders

Guest: Scott Sanders

Company: Affordable Technology Solutions, LLC

Community: IT Business Owners Group

Scott runs an MSP and break-fix company in Columbia, SC. He started out as residential break/fix and that lead to gaining some commercial clients and MSP. While he’s loyal to those who have been loyal to him he’s not accepting any new residential customers. You may also know Scott from the group he managed, IT Business Owners Group or ITBOG. ITBOG started out on LinkedIn and has now mostly moved to the popular Facebook group by the same name.

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MSP Voice Episode 34 – “MSP Franchise” with Rick Porter

Guest: Rick Porter

Company: Cinch I.T.

Rick has been an entrepreneur all his life, starting a DJ business when he was just 16. He found motivation in the US military and then worked for a technology company for a few years before founding Cinch I.T. in 2004. Cinch started off as break/fix but transitioned to MSP soon after. Cinch has been growing ever since and has won numerous awards. Rick is now taking that success and looking to grow by offering franchise opportunities across the country. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 34 – “MSP Franchise” with Rick Porter”

MSP Voice Episode 33 – “Monthly Recurring Relationships” With Bob Coppedge

Guest: Bob Coppedge

Company: Simplex-IT

My interview with Bob Coppedge of Simplex-IT went a little longer than normal, mostly because we were having a great conversation and Bob is a great guy to interview. While Bob is focusing on the business and not “in the business” he has built a successful MSP that has been around for about 11 years. Simplex skipped the break-fix phase and jumped directly into MSP work from the start. Now with over 13 employees, Simplex is still growing.

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MSP Voice Episode 32 – “An Apple a Day” with Jeff Sagraves

Guest: Jeff Sagraves

Company: BlueLine

Jeff is the president of Blueline and based in Charlotte, NC. They consider themselves a technology solutions provider which includes managed services but also a broader set of services. One of their differentiators from other MSPs is that about half of their organization is focused on Apple support, including hiring former Apple Geniuses. Part of their job is to make Macs work in a Windows environment which isn’t always easy. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 32 – “An Apple a Day” with Jeff Sagraves”

MSP Voice Episode 31 – “From Copiers to MSP” with Matthew Opyd

Guest: Matthew Opyd

Company: Proven IT

Matthew Opyd got started in break/fix on his own when he was 16 years old and then went to work for an MSP when he was 19. Now several years later, he’s the service manager overseeing over 30 techs and the project team. Proven started out in 2002 selling copiers as Proven Business Systems and moved into offering MSP services about 3 years ago. Proven IT is based in the Chicago area with several offices. They still offer copier and business services as well as MSP. They server multiple verticals rather than specializing in just one. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 31 – “From Copiers to MSP” with Matthew Opyd”

MSP Voice Episode 30 – “I Saw The Sign” with Omer Choudhary

Guest: Omer Choudhary

CompanyIQ Interactive

IQ Interactive provides solutions for digital signage and point-of-sale. Rather than managing a customer’s IT infrastructure, they manage digital signs (equipment) and they also have a content management system that they’ve developed. Omer started off in IT pretty young and worked for a few companies before starting IQ Interactive. They also partner with other “traditional” MSPs who provide the IT stack while IQ Interactive handles the digital signage.

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MSP Voice Episode 29 – “Prescription For Success” With Bart Rogacewicz

Guest: Bart Rogacewicz

Company: BestRX

BestRX is an MSP/Software company who supports independent pharmacies across the US. Typically when we think of a pharmacy we think of the big ones like CVS and Walmart but there’s actually a number of independent pharmacies all over the US. These independent pharmacies need IT and software just like any other small business and BestRX has software and support to help them meet their needs. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 29 – “Prescription For Success” With Bart Rogacewicz”

MSP Voice Episode 28 – “MSP Pioneer” with Tim Shea

Tim has been an MSP Pioneer since the 90’s. After leaving a value added reseller in 1991 Tim started his own company because he saw the future in network services. In 1996 Tim and his partner realized that they need to provide their services for a fixed fee…hence pioneering the managed services model.

They even had to write their first RMM tool themselves. Tim sold that company and founded Alpha NetSolutions in 2002 and has been going strong ever since. Now they focus on small businesses in New England, mostly manufacturing, custom home builders and dentists. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 28 – “MSP Pioneer” with Tim Shea”

MSP Voice Episode 27 – “Learn More With MSP” with John Watkins

John Watkins, who is an engineer by heart, started right out of high school in IT and later teamed up with a local break-fix shop that had multiple locations in the Tampa Bay area. After about 3 years they transition to full MSP and have been growing steadily ever since. As John says , “You’ll never learn more than working for an MSP”.

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