MSP Voice Episode 63 – “A Family Affair” with Nancy Sabino

Guest: Nancy Sabino

Company: SabinoCompTech

This week’s guest is Nancy Sabino with SabinoCompTech out of Houston, TX. Nancy is the CEO and co-founder of SabinoCompTech, her husband, Angle, is the other co-founder and also the COO. Their getting started story is very interesting and they even feature it on their website. In business now for 10 years, Nancy says they’re basically on version 3.0 of their company after some trial and error (and changing business models). They’re now a full-service MSP serving several verticals.

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News of the Week

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had an episode, mostly due to my travel schedule (some for work, some for personal). I’m back this week with this episode and should be back in the coming weeks with new episodes. I mention my October travel schedule, so if you’re going to be at any of the events below stop by and say hi.

One bit of news this week is the general availability of Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). There are tons of stories about it, here’s one from Silicon Angle: