MSP Voice Webinar Series #16 – Syncro!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 – 2PM Eastern

Join our host, Doug Hazelman, for this webinar by Syncro. Full description on what to expect is below…

Are you frustrated with having to pay for a PSA, an RMM and a Remote Access tool in order to effectively run your business? Are you tired of using MSP software made by a company that doesn’t really listen to their users and has slow development cycles that don’t incorporate your feedback?

If so, our upcoming webinar with the folks from Syncro might be the perfect place for you 🙂

Syncro is an all-in-one PSA, RMM and Remote Management suite that’s actually affordable and has a development team that genuinely cares about your feedback.

With a scripting engine that let’s you do things like use custom fields to automate nearly every manual process within your workflow, and automated remediation capabilities that allow you to receive an alert, create a ticket, resolve the issue, close the ticket and notify your client without ever having to lift a finger, you will be blown away by what’s offered in this all-in-one MSP platform.

Register for the upcoming product tour hosted by Ian Alexander, Chief Operating Officer, and Crystal Henkle, Senior Sales Rep, to get a first-hand look at this newer MSP software built specifically for MSPs, by a former MSP owner.

Register here!