MSP Voice Webinar Series #16 – Syncro (Recording)

On October 2, 2019 I hosted Crystal Henkle and Ian Alexander from Syncro MSP to have them walk us through their combined PSA/RMM solution for MSPs. Rather than a slideshow, Crystal dove right into the product, first showing how to integration the MSP360 Managed Backup platform with Syncro and then going through all the useful features that their combined PSA, RMM and remote access has to offer.

During the demo it was clear to me that Syncro is a very powerful platform and it has a beautiful, modern design. Since it’s software as a service, you just need a browser to get started. Syncro also has very competitive pricing which they publish directly on their website. Note that there may be an additional charge for some of their integrations (like MSP360).

During the webinar we did get some great questions and Crystal and Ian were able to answer them. Syncro seems to be very open to feature requests as some of the questions were about features that are on the list to be completed. They also have a library of video training for multiple aspects of their platform, including their scripting engine.

Watch the replay here: