MSP Voice Episode 65 “Gulf Shores MSP” with Dan Sadlis

This week’s guest is Dan Sadlis out of Gulf Shores, AL. Dan runs Tech Solution, focused on both break-fix and MSP. Because of his location in the Gulf Coast, a lot of his customers are seasonal but he also has managed customers. He only considers himself doing true MSP for the past 3-4 months since he just recently acquired his software stack but he’s been doing services for over 2 years.

Dan has enjoyed working on computers from a young age and attended Capitol Technology University in the DC area where he focused on cybersecurity. After school, he returned to Alabama but couldn’t find work in the technology field. After working a few non-tech jobs and doing IT work for people on the side, he realized he could make more money by opening his own business. While he prefers the MSP work, he plans on continuing the break/fix side and getting to know his customers even better.

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