MSP Voice Webinar Series #19 – Invarosoft™(Recording)

On January 15, 2020 I hosted Jamie Warner from Invarosoft for a webinar on Invarosoft’s IT Service Management Customer Experience Platform. Jamie created this solution while owning his own MSP and realizing that the support experience could be improved. Too many customers were calling or emailing about possible issues but it took way too much back-and-forth with them to determine what the issue was. Rather than rely on email, Jamie and his team created a “front end” to the customer experience.

The ITSM CX Platform runs on systems and customers simply click on it to report issues or submit requests. This is then tied into the PSA system for ticket creation and management. The platform is very powerful and can be used for a number of different customer interactions, including push notifications which is helpful if email is down.

You can watch the recording here to find out even more about this solution available to all MSPs. Listen close towards the end for a special offer for those who watch.