MSP Voice Webinar #15 with vCIOToolbox (Recording)

On Wednesday, August 14, 2019, I hosted a webinar with Brian Doyle from vCIOToolbox. vCIOToolbox has created a platform to make quarterly business reviews (QBRs) easier to schedule and managed. Through a series of assessment questions, you’re able to create a long-term action plan with each of your customers. vCIOToolbox has a number of features, including workflows so that your entire team can contribute to the assessment and approve it before you review it with your customer. There are also a number of templates available to help you through the process and each can be customized or you can create your own. vCIOToolbox also integrates with ConnectWise Manage and Autotask so you can keep your customer data (and tickets) synchronized between the platforms.

Before you jump into thevCIOToolbox, there’s a resource you should check out call PowerQBR. It goes through the 6 steps of the QBR process that vCIOToolbox recommends (and can help you with). You can request the free resource here:

MSP Voice Episode 59 – “Purple Ocean” with Tony Tsao

Guest: Tony Tsao

Company: Purplo

This week’s guest is Tony Tsao with Purplo out of Vancouver, BC. Tony starts off by explaining his company name (hint: red and blue make purple) and then we jump into the interview. Tony has a background in programming but he’s also a CPA and he uses technology to help customers with the business processes. Tony typically starts working with customers on “mini-projects” before transitioning them to the managed services model. This way he knows if the companies are a good fit for each other. Purplo is a big proponent of the desktop as a service (DaaS) and they utilize Azure and CloudJumper to help deliver it. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 59 – “Purple Ocean” with Tony Tsao”

MSP Voice Episode 58 – “The French Connection” with Gilles Gozlan

Guest: Gilles Gozlan

Company: TeamReso

Gilles is the president of Paris based TeamReso. In business for 10 years, TeamReso has also launched a few other companies including CloudReso (MSP, CloudBackup) and SysReso (customer development). With the EU adopting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) backup has now become a very sought after service in France. Previously small businesses may not have seen value in backup with the new regulation they now know it’s required. GDPR covers just more than backup so it’s been driving a lot of MSP business over the past several years. Gilles did formally have a break/fix company but he sold that and formed TeamReso to focus on MSP and monthly contracts. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 58 – “The French Connection” with Gilles Gozlan”

Should I Specialize? Find your Vertical to Hit the Right Customers by J. David Sims

J. David Sims is the Managing Partner at Security First IT. Today we’re publishing his article about the importance of the industry specialization for every MSP business in terms of revenue growth.

You see the previous IT guy walk out of the sales presentation with your prospect. You’re up next. As you walk into the conference room, you see several people sitting there just waiting to hear what you and your company will be able to do for them. On the table, you notice three other sales proposals. You recognize a couple as your competitors and you know that your offerings are very similar. Continue reading “Should I Specialize? Find your Vertical to Hit the Right Customers by J. David Sims”

MSP Voice Episode 57 – “Residential and Commercial” with Nate Sheen

Guest: Nate Sheen

Company: DataCom Technologies

This week I am joined by Nate Sheen out of the greater Cleveland, OH area. Nate has owned his own MSP, DataCom Technologies, for over 4 years now and having great success by focusing both on residential and commercial customers. Nate has all his customers on a month-to-month contract, even his residential customers which is great. Nate had a few different jobs before starting his own MSP, including 6 years in sales (but not technology sales). Nate has used his experience gained in sales and put it into his business. Nate loves to help people and he really enjoys helping people understand technology.

Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 57 – “Residential and Commercial” with Nate Sheen”

MSP Voice Episode 56 – “MSP360 and Sales” with Brian Helwig

Guest: Brian Helwig

Company: MSP360

This week I’m happy to be joined by Brian Helwig, the CEO of MSP360 (formerly CloudBerry Lab). In case you haven’t heard, CloudBerry Lab is now MSP360. Brian and I previously worked together at Veeam where we had an office next to each other. When I heard Brian was joining CloudBerry I was excited to work with him again. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 56 – “MSP360 and Sales” with Brian Helwig”

MSP Voice Webinar Series #15 – vCIOToolbox

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 2PM Eastern

Join our host Doug Hazelman as he welcomes Brian Doyle from vCIOToolbox. vCIOToolbox is a system that’s designed to help you with your quarterly business reviews (QBR’s) with your customers. Below is a brief synopsis of what Brian will be presenting.

How to avoid “The Curse” of the great MSP through regular Business Reviews
“The Curse” is a challenge that most MSP’s face at some point in their business.  The more we automate and support remotely, the less we are seen onsite and the client experiences less service issues and downtime.  Often, instead of handshakes and high-fives, your value can be called into question “because things never break” and if you are not positioned well with your client you may be replaced by a lower cost vendor.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series with TechStak (Recording)

On Tuesday, July 16 I hosted a webinar with TechStak. TechStak is a company that is building a platform to connect small businesses with IT service providers, MSPs.

Nicol Pasuit from TechStack

Kathryn Daniels from TechStack








Nicol Pasuit and Kathryn Daniels took us through the complete offering and explained the benefits of TechStak. It’s easy for an MSP to get listed (and free). Once listed the MSP can then go through the next step of “vetting” (also free) and be eligible to receive hot leads from TechStak. There is a small fee to accept a lead, then once the deal closes the MSP pays a commission to TechStak. For SMB’s, TechStak fully qualifies them including projects, budgets and timelines so when a lead is sent to an MSP it’s fully qualified.

To hear more about what TechStak has to offer, watch the reply of the webinar below.

MSP Voice Episode 55 – “Commit to CoMITS” with Bob Coppedge

Guest: Bob Coppedge

Company: Simplex-IT

Bob Coppedge is back and he has a new book. You may remember Bob from episode 33, Monthly Recurring Relationships where we talked about his MSP, Simplex-IT, and he also mentioned that he was writing a book about Co-Managed IT. The book is now available and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to grow your business in an area you may have thought there was no opportunity in. Co-Managed IT Services (or CoMITS as Bob calls them) is essentially working with customers who already have an IT staff but helping them to be more efficient. Bob explains the different types of CoMITs and also gives guidance on marketing, selling and delivering CoMITS. Bob talks about all of this and more in this episode and he even gives us a hint about his next book.

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MSP Voice Episode 54 – “What’s in a Brand?” with Dave Davenport

Guest: Dave Davenport

Company: MotherG

MotherG started out in 2006 as a pure play MSP serving the Chicago area (and now expanding to Milwaukee). Over time they’ve gone through several changes, including rebranding to what they’re known as now, MotherG. Dave shares the story of how they picked the name and what it means to them. With such a unique name Dave says that it helps people to remember who they are, much more than their previous name “TransTech Consulting Services”. Dave goes on to share what they’ve done over the years to expand and shares a number of great tips to be successful. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 54 – “What’s in a Brand?” with Dave Davenport”