MSP Voice Webinar Series #11 with Virtus Law

May 9, 2019 2PM

For our second webinar of the week, we’re going to have Thomas M Fafinski  of Virtus Law, PLLC join us. Thomas is going to cover a range of topics important to MSPs and this should be a good, informative session for all MSPs.

“Strategies Associated with Retaining Key Employees: Like Building a Layered Cake”

  • Benefits and Benefit Programs
  • Corporate Culture
  • Base Compensation
  • Variable Compensation (based on individual performance)
  • Variable Compensation (based on group performance)
  • Synthetic Equity and Phantom Stock Options

Other topics he will touch on include the services his firm offers Managed Service Providers, i.e. Master Service Agreements, Asset Protection Strategies, Mergers and Acquisitions, Income Tax Planning and Business Succession Planning.

Please note the intent of this webinar is not to make this a commercial for his firm, as Tom is a strong believer in providing value to people prior to retention.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #10 with Ulistic

May 7, 2019 at 2PM Eastern

Up next in our webinar series is Stuart Crawford from Ulistic. Ulistic is a marketing firm for MSPs and Stuart is going to share his experiences in being a “MSP Marketer”.

Lessons Learned Marketing MSPs For Over 17 Years

Experience, that is what it takes to market an MSP.  Stuart Crawford has a proven track record working with many of the top managed IT service companies.  In 2001, Stuart formed IT Matters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and in seven short years built his MSP from 3 guys fixing computers to a top IT service company.  After successfully exiting from IT Matters, Stuart went on to form Ulistic to serve the managed service community by providing marketing services for managed IT service providers.

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MSP Voice Episode 44 – “Securing Albuquerque” with Joshua Liberman

Guest: Joshua Liberman

Company: Net Sciences Inc.

Heading out to California to work in the oil and gas industry, Joshua found himself jobless after an explosion in the refinery he was supposed to be working at. While doing odd jobs and temp work, he stumbled onto an opportunity setting up a PC for the temp agency. Working inside appealed to Joshua so he spent the rest of the summer doing PC setups. After finding out he liked technology, Joshua spent time technical writing and setting up some of the earliest networks. Starting Net Sciences in 1995, Joshua has been in business ever since. Net Sciences has a focus on security and their customers have unbelievable uptimes. Two products that Joshua mentions are Nodeware and Vijilan, feel free to check them out! Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 44 – “Securing Albuquerque” with Joshua Liberman”

MSP Voice Episode 43 “Plan your Business” with George Monroy

Guest: George Monroy

Company: Monroy IT Services

George Monroy is based out of San Antonio, TX. His route to becoming an MSP started out as being a temp at a company. When that company let go all of their temps, he was actually “hired” back as a consultant. Starting out as part-time, the opportunity eventually grew to his only client until the company was purchased. He then moved to San Antonio and started up his own IT services business. George stresses that for anyone starting out, make sure you have a business plan. While he didn’t start with one he now sees the importance of a proper business plan, especially when you’re starting out! George is also a member of The 20 and recommends them as well as any peer group to help you grow your business. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 43 “Plan your Business” with George Monroy”

MSP Voice Webinar Series – Tech Blog Builder

On April 4, 2019 I hosted Matthew Rodela from Tech Blog Builder. As you can imagine, they’re in the business of helping MSPs create content for their blogs. Rather than give us a straight up pitch on Tech Blog Builder, Matthew walked through “The Anatomy of an Effective MSP Blog Post”. Matthew included 8 parts of an effective blog post and also some ideas on where to get topics for blog posts.

Blogging is something we all know we SHOULD be doing but finding the time and topics can be a bit overwhelming. I think Matthew lays out a pretty good foundation for getting started (or re-starting if your blog hasn’t been updated for a while).

At the end, Matthew offers a special offer. In the video he has a date of April 11, 2019 but he has agreed to extend this until April 18, 2019 so people can take advantage of it (because I’m late in getting this blog post up).

MSP Voice Webinar Series with Venator

On March 26th I hosted Piers Mummery from Venator in our webinar series. Piers presented some very useful “back to basics” tips for MSP sales and marketing. Piers gives some great tips on creating a value proposition for your business. Later, Piers even has a great formula for how many calls you need to make to hit your quarterly and yearly revenue targets.

I had a some internet issues at the beginning but if you can make it past the first minute and 30 seconds it goes OK from there.

Make sure to watch until the end for a special offer from Piers!

MSP Voice Episode 42 – “It’s All About Relationships” with Michael Baker

Guest: Michael Baker

Company: Atiba

I met Michael at the Robin Robins Sales and Marketing Bootcamp last month in Nashville and he agreed to be my guest on this week’s podcast. Michael is the National Director of Business Development for Atiba which basically means he has a number of responsibilities, including sales and social media. We discuss how Michael approaches social media for Atiba and also about the importance of actual relationships in this world of social media and online services. Michael gives some great advice at the end about the importance of those relationships. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 42 – “It’s All About Relationships” with Michael Baker”

MSP Voice Webinar Series with Strategy Overview

On March 19 I hosted Alex Markov from Strategy Overview where he gave some great advice on how to be a true vCIO for your customers and kickstart your vCIO process. Alex has been running his MSP, Red Key Solutions, for several years and over that time he has developed a method for strategy planning with his customers. Alex has taken this knowledge and created a software solution that is available to any MSP. The Strategy Overview software will help you plan your QBR’s with your customers and also keep you up-to-date on their technology stack so you can work with them to plan upgrades.

Go here to check it out and grab a free account

You can check out the full webinar here…

Here is a short video about the spirit of their app…

MSP Voice Episode 41 – “It’s Not Always About Profit” with Scott Bell

Guest: Scott Bell

Company: St. Benedict Technology Consortium

Scott was working in a school and faced a challenge when the school received 400 laptops…how could he get them all set up? He came up with the idea to pool resources from other schools and the idea behind SBTC was born. Unlike many MSPs, Scott runs SBTC as a non-profit. That means that he only supports other non-profits (mostly schools) and also gives him a bit of freedom because he’s not our chasing new customers for profit. Scott has grown his team to over 40 employees in the past 10 years and services 2 of the counties that make up the greater Chicago area (Lake and Cook Counties). Scott talks about why he decided to go this route and also about how it’s rewarding for him and his employees to have an impact on their community. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 41 – “It’s Not Always About Profit” with Scott Bell”

MSP Voice Webinar Series #9 with Tech Blog Builder

April 4, 2019 2PM Eastern

I’m excited to host Matthew Rodela from Tech Blog Builder for this webinar as he presents on the Anatomy of an Effective MSP Blog Post.

A blog post is the bedrock of your content marketing strategy.  Done right it can attract the right leads via SEO and social, convert your current leads through newsletters, and keep your existing customers loyal through consistent education.  But done poorly, it has the potential to tank your business. In this webinar we’ll discuss the power of the blog, the 8 keys to writing an effective post, what to do with a post after it’s written, and how Tech Blog Builder can help you with all of the above.

Matthew Rodela is a former IT business owner who now focuses on helping other IT businesses succeed through his podcast, The Computer Business Marketing Show, and his services Tech Site Builder and Tech Blog Builder.

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