MSP Voice Webinar Series #15 – vCIOToolbox

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 2PM Eastern

Join our host Doug Hazelman as he welcomes Brian Doyle from vCIOToolbox. vCIOToolbox is a system that’s designed to help you with your quarterly business reviews (QBR’s) with your customers. Below is a brief synopsis of what Brian will be presenting.

How to avoid “The Curse” of the great MSP through regular Business Reviews
“The Curse” is a challenge that most MSP’s face at some point in their business.  The more we automate and support remotely, the less we are seen onsite and the client experiences less service issues and downtime.  Often, instead of handshakes and high-fives, your value can be called into question “because things never break” and if you are not positioned well with your client you may be replaced by a lower cost vendor.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series with TechStak (Recording)

On Tuesday, July 16 I hosted a webinar with TechStak. TechStak is a company that is building a platform to connect small businesses with IT service providers, MSPs.

Nicol Pasuit from TechStack
Kathryn Daniels from TechStack








Nicol Pasuit and Kathryn Daniels took us through the complete offering and explained the benefits of TechStak. It’s easy for an MSP to get listed (and free). Once listed the MSP can then go through the next step of “vetting” (also free) and be eligible to receive hot leads from TechStak. There is a small fee to accept a lead, then once the deal closes the MSP pays a commission to TechStak. For SMB’s, TechStak fully qualifies them including projects, budgets and timelines so when a lead is sent to an MSP it’s fully qualified.

To hear more about what TechStak has to offer, watch the reply of the webinar below.

MSP Voice Episode 55 – “Commit to CoMITS” with Bob Coppedge

Guest: Bob Coppedge

Company: Simplex-IT

Bob Coppedge is back and he has a new book. You may remember Bob from episode 33, Monthly Recurring Relationships where we talked about his MSP, Simplex-IT, and he also mentioned that he was writing a book about Co-Managed IT. The book is now available and I highly recommend it if you’re looking to grow your business in an area you may have thought there was no opportunity in. Co-Managed IT Services (or CoMITS as Bob calls them) is essentially working with customers who already have an IT staff but helping them to be more efficient. Bob explains the different types of CoMITs and also gives guidance on marketing, selling and delivering CoMITS. Bob talks about all of this and more in this episode and he even gives us a hint about his next book.

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MSP Voice Episode 54 – “What’s in a Brand?” with Dave Davenport

Guest: Dave Davenport

Company: MotherG

MotherG started out in 2006 as a pure play MSP serving the Chicago area (and now expanding to Milwaukee). Over time they’ve gone through several changes, including rebranding to what they’re known as now, MotherG. Dave shares the story of how they picked the name and what it means to them. With such a unique name Dave says that it helps people to remember who they are, much more than their previous name “TransTech Consulting Services”. Dave goes on to share what they’ve done over the years to expand and shares a number of great tips to be successful. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 54 – “What’s in a Brand?” with Dave Davenport”

MSP Voice Webinar Series #14 – TechStak

July 16, 2019 2PM EDT

Join this webinar to hear more about TechStak. TechStak is essentially an “Angie’s List” for MSPs, they connect small business with MSPs. From TechStak…

TechStak is a personalized matchmaking service that curates the best possible tech providers for a small business, and in turn, the best possible leads for a provider. TechStak stands as an advocate for both parties, translates their needs in a way they can both understand, and ignites a successful relationship between the two. Our mission is to make the tech-partnering experience easy and remarkable! For more information, visit us at

Register Here

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MSP Voice Episode 53 – “SECURITY” with John Kulas

Guest: John Kulas

Company: undisclosed

This week is a special episode where I have a security expert, John Kulas, join me to talk about security. John has spent a lot of time on the security side working for different companies. While he doesn’t work for an MSP he does have some great tips for MSPs (and others) when it comes to security. John talks first about his experiences in visiting cloud data centers and then shares some great tips on firewall rules. We also discuss some best practices around audits and when they should be performed. We finish things up with a special rapid-fire round. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 53 – “SECURITY” with John Kulas”

MSP Voice Episode 52 – “Diversity in Hiring” with Dawn Sizer

Guest: Dawn Sizer

Company: 3rd Element Consulting

Dawn owns and runs 3rd Element Consulting in central Pennsylvania and she’s expecting some big growth this year. Some of the verticals they focus on are law enforcement and legal. Having spent time in the male-dominated tech industry, Dawn decided that it was time for her to start her own company almost 14 years ago. 3rd Element started out as MSP (without really knowing it) and skipped the break/fix stage. Focusing on law enforcement does create some hurdles in hiring as her employees much pass extensive background checks.

As I was researching for this interview I came across a few blog posts by Dawn about hiring neurodiverse employees. While originally meant to cover autism, she has expanded this to embrace all neurodiverse individuals. Dawn has written 2 articles on her site to explain the processes they use to support these individuals. Read part 1 Onboarding Neurodiverse Employees and part 2 Supporting Neurodiverse Employees. Dawn further expands on these ideas in this episode. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 52 – “Diversity in Hiring” with Dawn Sizer”

MSP Voice Episode 51 – “If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get“ with Corey Kirkendoll

Guest: Corey Kirkendoll

Company: 5K Technical Services

Corey runs 5K Technical Services out of Plano, TX. 5K specializes in engineering/architecture firms but also does work with local non-profits. Having spent time working for some big tech companies, Corey decided it was time to branch out on his own and start up 5K. While Corey started his career on the technical side, he eventually chose to focus more on the management (non-technical) as his career progressed.

This mix of technical and business management has helped him grow 5K and he also knew early on that he wanted to focus on managed services and businesses instead of break/fix and consumers. Corey works closely with his technology partners and frequently takes advantage of their joint marketing opportunities. His motto is “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” which is his way of telling you to ask your partners about possible funds and/or activities that you can join them on. Corey also has some great advice for those of you who may be just getting started in managed services. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 51 – “If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get“ with Corey Kirkendoll”

MSP Voice Episode 50 – “Carve out your Space” with Hank Holbrook

Guest: Hank Holbrook

Company: Bluesky Technology Solutions

Most MSPs on the show offer a range of IT services to small businesses in a particular geographic area, Bluesky Technology is a bit different, they offer one service nationwide. Hank tells me about how focusing on just the one service has helped Bluesky be successful. By partnering with software companies that serve small business, Hank has found some great opportunities to grow his business. By white labeling the backup software (from CloudBerry Lab) they offer their own branded solution. Bluesky has truly carved out its own space in the market. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 50 – “Carve out your Space” with Hank Holbrook”

How I Decided to “Do HIPAA” in My MSP by Anton Kioroglo

Today we’re publishing another contributed article from a real MSP. This one is written by one of the MSP Voice podcast guests Anton Kioroglo, a Charlotte-based MSP owner. If you haven’t watched the episode with Anton, watch it right here.

Author: Anton Kioroglo, CSO, Security First IT

Anton Kioroglo is the Chief Security Officer, and co-owner of Security First IT, LLC. Security First IT is a Charlotte-based IT management and security firm that specializes in solving the cyber security and IT needs that small and medium-sized businesses experience throughout the country.

I still remember my first HIPAA customer; it was a small medical practice with 8 computers. The network equipment was housed on a shelf inside the staff restroom, just above the toilet. Several of the ceiling tiles were missing in that bathroom or “network closet” as they liked to call it, and a big box fan sat on the floor pushing air toward the door. On the wall opposite the toilet, where the door was hung, was another shelf which contained the audio equipment. A $3,000 surround sound amp sat on that shelf playing the local pop radio station through the ceiling mounted speakers in the hallways.

I remember asking one of the staff if anyone used that restroom. “No, no one’s used that one for years,” she told me. “Well, except to clean some of the equipment in the sink, or flush something down the toilet, but otherwise no.” A bit confused by her answer, I asked: “so it goes unused except when it’s being used?”

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