MSP Voice Episode 37 – “Succeeding In Anonymity” with John Gambill

Guest: John Gambill

Company: GO Concepts Inc.

John is located in Southwest Ohio and started GO Concepts in 1997 and has gone through a few transitions in that time. Starting with a public/private partnership with Time Warner they helped build out and provide internet services for businesses and homes. After working with an agency on their image and being told “you’re succeeding in anonymity” they decided to change focus. Today GO Concepts focuses almost entirely on serving the County Boards for Developmentally Disabled (DD) agencies and companies that provide services to those boards. They focus on Ohio and with 88 counties, Ohio has plenty of opportunity in this space. They even have a dedicated site for what they do: John is passionate about what they do and it really comes across in this fun interview. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 37 – “Succeeding In Anonymity” with John Gambill”

MSP Voice Episode 36 – “Texas 2 Step” With Reese Ormand

Guest: Reese Ormand

Company: Techvera

Based just outside of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Techvera was actually started by Reese’s dad as a break/fix consumer repair shop. Getting involved in the business in his teens, Reese went off to college and came back to take over the business and transition to MSP instead of break/fix. They now offer a standard stack to their customers. Reese offers some great tips and insights into their transition from break/fix to MSP. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 36 – “Texas 2 Step” With Reese Ormand”

MSP Voice Webinar Series #5 – IT Rockstars

Date: February 26 – 2:30 PM EST

We’re pleased to offer another in our series of webinars for MSPs. This time I’ll be joined by Scott Millar of IT Rockstars. IT Rockstars only works with MSPs and can help you with marketing and lead generation. Scott also hosts a podcast and has produced some very interesting (and sometimes thought-provoking) content

Here’s more information about IT Rockstars

Are your IT sales stagnant?  Maybe you can’t scale your sales activities to the next level or maybe your just beginning your journey as a managed service provider and looking for the correct online marketing channel.

IT Rockstars help IT and managed service providers (MSP’s) become the local technology authority online.  This equates to more qualified leads being generated for your sales team.


15 years of search engine optimization experience we have the insight to help get your business in front of your potential client at the right time in the buying cycle.  This is not achievable with any other method of online marketing.

We work only with IT and MSP providers and our content and strategies are specifically geared to the IT/technology buyer profile.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland we work with English speaking clients UK, USA, Canada, Australia.

Please join us on February 26th. You can register here.

MSP Voice Episode 35 – “ITBOG” with Scott Sanders

Guest: Scott Sanders

Company: Affordable Technology Solutions, LLC

Community: IT Business Owners Group

Scott runs an MSP and break-fix company in Columbia, SC. He started out as residential break/fix and that lead to gaining some commercial clients and MSP. While he’s loyal to those who have been loyal to him he’s not accepting any new residential customers. You may also know Scott from the group he managed, IT Business Owners Group or ITBOG. ITBOG started out on LinkedIn and has now mostly moved to the popular Facebook group by the same name.

Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 35 – “ITBOG” with Scott Sanders”

MSP Voice Episode 34 – “MSP Franchise” with Rick Porter

Guest: Rick Porter

Company: Cinch I.T.

Rick has been an entrepreneur all his life, starting a DJ business when he was just 16. He found motivation in the US military and then worked for a technology company for a few years before founding Cinch I.T. in 2004. Cinch started off as break/fix but transitioned to MSP soon after. Cinch has been growing ever since and has won numerous awards. Rick is now taking that success and looking to grow by offering franchise opportunities across the country. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 34 – “MSP Franchise” with Rick Porter”

MSP Voice Episode 33 – “Monthly Recurring Relationships” With Bob Coppedge

Guest: Bob Coppedge

Company: Simplex-IT

My interview with Bob Coppedge of Simplex-IT went a little longer than normal, mostly because we were having a great conversation and Bob is a great guy to interview. While Bob is focusing on the business and not “in the business” he has built a successful MSP that has been around for about 11 years. Simplex skipped the break-fix phase and jumped directly into MSP work from the start. Now with over 13 employees, Simplex is still growing.

Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 33 – “Monthly Recurring Relationships” With Bob Coppedge”

MSP Voice Webinar Series – VMRacks HIPAA Compliant Cloud Recording

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, I hosted Gil Vidals from VMRacks to talk about their HIPAA Compliant Cloud. VMRacks isn’t a vendor offering MSPs a place to host but rather an MSP themselves.

Gil gave some great insight into how they got started as well as how they’ve setup security for their hosting business. Some of their security measures a secret but you still get a good idea of why it’s important to have multiple layers in your cloud deployments. VMRacks is able to offer great value because they use a lot of open source software.

You can find out more about VMRacks by visiting their website:


“Chambers and MSPs Community to Profitability” by H. Michael Wayland

H. Michael Wayland,

Managing Director

Byte-Werx, LLC

Leads, Leads, Leads! The perpetual problem MSP owners are always struggling to answer is how to generate leads. There are many ways to tackle the problem and one often tried (and discarded) outlet is local chambers of commerce.  I am Michael Wayland, Owner of Byte-Werx, LLC out of Houston. I have built my successful MSP almost entirely on network marketing, with chambers of commerce key to this strategy. I did this using some basic tactics I learned from the last job I had before going into business for myself, a Communication Coordinator at a local chamber of commerce.  So how can you and your company successfully market through local chambers when so many fail and give up? Continue reading ““Chambers and MSPs Community to Profitability” by H. Michael Wayland”

MSP Voice Episode 32 – “An Apple a Day” with Jeff Sagraves

Guest: Jeff Sagraves

Company: BlueLine

Jeff is the president of Blueline and based in Charlotte, NC. They consider themselves a technology solutions provider which includes managed services but also a broader set of services. One of their differentiators from other MSPs is that about half of their organization is focused on Apple support, including hiring former Apple Geniuses. Part of their job is to make Macs work in a Windows environment which isn’t always easy. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 32 – “An Apple a Day” with Jeff Sagraves”

MSP Voice Webinar Series #2 Recording – HIPAA for MSPs

On January 15, 2019, we were pleased to host J. David Sims from HIPAA for MSPs. David gave a great presentation on what he calls “Duct Tape HIPAA”. Too many MSPs don’t understand what’s required for HIPAA or simply do the bare minimum. David explains how you can grow revenue and provide you HIPAA clients support above and beyond what is required. There’s also a special offer at the end, but act fast, it expires at midnight on January 18, 2019.

If you’d like to know more, please check out the HIPAA for MSPs website as they offer education and resources to make sure you’re HIPAA compliant.