MSP Voice Webinar Series – IT Rockstars

On February 26th I hosted Scott Millar of IT Rockstars for #5 in our webinar series. Scott provided some very valuable information on how to prospect and get leads using social channels, especially LinkedIn. Any MSP can follow his tips for lead generation but IT Rockstars also provides valuable content for MSPs to use in your marketing efforts. If you’re interested, hit up the IT Rockstars site (link includes pricing at the bottom of the page) and see what they can do for you.

Watch the webinar here:

My Experiences Working for an MSP

Nathan R.

Prior to getting a job at an MSP, I didn’t have any professional IT experience. I had only “hobbyist” knowledge that pertained mostly to consumer desktop hardware. I did have a plethora of Customer Service experience, as many of us do nowadays, and the desire to apply myself and jump into the professional IT world. I also wanted to introduce myself to professional and enterprise-level technologies that I just wouldn’t be able to access on my own. Continue reading “My Experiences Working for an MSP”

MSP Voice Webinar Series #7 vCIO with Strategy Overview

Date: March 19, 2019 – 2PM EDT

Strategy Overview is a company founded by Alex Markov and provides software and processes to help streamline the vCIO process. Join us on this webinar to hear about their solution and how Alex’s experiences in running an MSP has helped him create this useful service.

Alex Markov is the President of Red Key Solutions, a leading Managed IT provider serving New York City and the CEO of Strategy Overview, the leading vCIO software for MSPs. Alex is a lifelong technologist and a vCIO guru focusing on delivering next level value to clients and driving technology evolution for all companies in the world.

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“For IT Solutions Providers, The Best Pricing Model Is A Profitable One” by James Vickery

James Vickery for MSP Voice

James Vickery

Benchmark 365 

When it comes to pricing, collectively, IT solutions providers have always been a bit too focused on finding the holy grail: a one-size-fits-all pricing model. The truth is, however, that it’s pretty much a certainty that this will never be the case or at the very least – what works now won’t in the future.

So as entrepreneurs we need to keep a vigilant eye on how we earn our revenue – and equally – think creatively about how we manage the expense side of the equation so we can maximize margins and profit. Continue reading ““For IT Solutions Providers, The Best Pricing Model Is A Profitable One” by James Vickery”

MSP Voice Episode 39 – “Security First” with Anton Kioroglo

Guest: Anton Kioroglo

Company: Security First IT

Last week at the Sales and Marketing Bootcamp put on by Robin Robins I met J. David Sims in person. You may remember him from the HIPAA for MSPs webinar he did for us back in January. David introduced me to his MSP business partner, Anton Kioroglo, who agreed to be on this week’s episode. Anton and David formed Security First IT by actually combining their own 2 MSP businesses, essentially a merger. Security First IT is an MSSP mostly focusing on security (Anton) and compliance (David). Anton gives us some good advice on security and how to get started in the MSP/MSSP business. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 39 – “Security First” with Anton Kioroglo”

“Why You Don’t Need to Change Your RMM/PSA Provider Too Often” by Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor for MSP Voice

Steve Taylor

MSP Webinars

You’ve seen these questions. You may have even asked these questions at one point. But one thing is for sure: when you see this question posted you cringe and wonder why that person didn’t search for their question before posting it again. After all, it’s asked almost daily.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that none of these tools are perfect. Every three to six months I would realize I’m unhappy and go on a big search to figure out which tool is the best so I can switch to it. Because of that, I’ve used ConnectWise Manage at least twice, Autotask at least three times, Kaseya BMS twice, Zendesk three times, and a slew of other PSAs. Let’s not even talk about the RMMs… Continue reading ““Why You Don’t Need to Change Your RMM/PSA Provider Too Often” by Steve Taylor”

MSP Voice Webinar Series #6 – Managed Sales Pros

Date: March 14, 2019

Managed Sales Pros works solely in the IT Channel. They know your business and your frustrations intimately. Join us on this webinar to learn how they’re helping companies just like yours keep their sales pipeline full of warm leads.

Carrie Simpson is the CEO of Managed Sales Pros Inc. in Canada and Everywhere Managed LLC in the U.S. Both companies focus exclusively on sales prospecting solutions for the technology industry. Simpson was named one of Profit Magazine’s 5 Women Entrepreneurs to Watch list in 2016 and Managed Sales Pros was recognized as the 25th fastest growing start-up in Canada in 2017 (Profit Magazine, Fast 50). She was a finalist in the Technology Entrepreneur category of the Las Vegas Women in Technology Awards 2018. Under her leadership, Managed Sales Pros has experienced four-year growth of more than 620 percent. Simpson’s clients include Cisco, OpenDNS, Datto and dozens of technology solution providers. She is a frequent blogger on technology sales challenges.

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MSP Voice Episode 38 – “Up North” with Ross Whitmore

Guest: Ross Whitmore

Company: Northern Technology Services

Ross Whitmore is running his MSP up in a resort town in Michigan. While the area is small, he’s still managed to carve out a nice niche for himself in providing MSP services for local businesses including hospitality and retail. Ross has love technology his entire life and decided a few years ago to give it a try on his own. Ross has a great spirit and a real focus on his customers which he feels is lacking in some of the bigger MSP shops. Through some partnerships with other providers, he’s been able to grow his business and keep his customers happy. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 38 – “Up North” with Ross Whitmore”

MSP Voice Webinar Series – Nerdio

On February 21st I hosted Joseph Landes from Nerdio. Nerdio is very unique in that they help MSPs get their customers on Microsoft Azure. Nerdio has built a fully automated platform that will provide all required services and link users to Office 365, allowing the MSP simple setup and management of a complete Azure/Office 365 environment.

Nerdio even helps with pricing and can help you estimate the price for all services (including the Nerdio management interface). You can check out their price calculator where you can plug in all the numbers for a customer and get their estimated pricing.

Part of the management platform even lets you change server types and resources on the fly, all from their interface. You can also set up schedules to scale up or scale back services which can help even more with costs.

Check out the video and see Joseph explain all the details and benefits of Nerdio as well as give a brief demo of the Nerdio platform in action.

MSP Voice Episode 37 – “Succeeding In Anonymity” with John Gambill

Guest: John Gambill

Company: GO Concepts Inc.

John is located in Southwest Ohio and started GO Concepts in 1997 and has gone through a few transitions in that time. Starting with a public/private partnership with the city of Lebanon, Ohio, they helped build out and provide internet services for businesses and homes. After working with an agency on their image and being told “you’re succeeding in anonymity” they decided to change focus. Today GO Concepts focuses almost entirely on serving the County Boards for Developmentally Disabled (DD) agencies and companies that provide services to those boards. They focus on Ohio and with 88 counties, Ohio has plenty of opportunity in this space. They even have a dedicated site for what they do: John is passionate about what they do and it really comes across in this fun interview. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 37 – “Succeeding In Anonymity” with John Gambill”