MSP Voice Episode 26 – “Hospitality as a Vertical” with Krunal Patel

Guest: Krunal Patel

Company: Ignitus

Krunal is in the UK and he and his company support the hospitality industry (hotels, coffee shops, etc). They’ve been in business since 2009 after Krunal saw some opportunities to consolidate IT services for hotels and retail outlets and provide a one stop shop. Since many hotels are owned by a franchisee Krunal and his team have carved out a great niche for their company. They’re usually involved from design through build and outfitting.
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MSP Voice Episode 25 – “Technology Success” with Doug Miller

Guest: Doug Miller

Company: Brightworks Group

Doug is the founder and CEO of Brightworks Group. Brightworks has been in business for 7 years and they consider themselves as technology success providers. While similar to an MSP, Brightworks Group works with a unique set of customers focused in the high end financial and private equity services. With offices in Chicago and Indianapolis, they have a largely mobile workforce to serve their clients (some of which have offices overseas). Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 25 – “Technology Success” with Doug Miller”

MSP Voice Episode 24 – “Dental Hygiene” With Daniel De Steno

Guest: Daniel De Steno

Company: Nova Computer Solutions

Daniel started his MSP practice in 2000 after his employer wanted him to move to Korea for 2 years without his family. Since his wife worked at a dental practice he started looking into it and made the decision that he’d give it a try. 18 years later and his business is going strong. He’s even created a dental office design center where dentists can get an idea of what technology solutions they want for their practice. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 24 – “Dental Hygiene” With Daniel De Steno”

MSP Voice Episode 23 – “Association Nation” with Michael Drobnis

Guest: Michael Drobnis

Company: OptfinITy

This week’s guest is Michael Drobnis from OptfinITy. Michael has been in business for 17 years. He started with basic break/fix doing a lot of the technical work but then moved to managed services where Michael took a more active role in managing the business. OptfinITy now has 14 employees and they focus a lot on associations. They also encourage their employees to be a member of a chamber of commerce. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 23 – “Association Nation” with Michael Drobnis”

MSP Voice Webinar with MindMatrix

Updated with link to the recording below

Our first webinar in the MSP Voice Webinar series is going to be with MindMatrix on Wednesday, November 28 at 1:30 PM Eastern. If you’re not familiar with MindMatrix, they have a platform to help MSPs with marketing as well as sales.

Katie Wallace from MindMatrix will be joining us to talk about their MSP-IT Advantage Program. Katie Wallace joined the MindMatrix team back in 2017. With her background in b2b sales and marketing, Katie is focused on helping MSPs accelerate their sales and marketing efforts through software automation, messaging, and pipeline management. She plays an active role in helping client’s with strategy, managing channel accounts, and raising the client’s visibility on a day-to-day basis. When Katie isn’t in the office she is focused on family, friends & her dachshund, Marco.  

Here’s some more information on MindMatrix

MindMatrix—a Pittsburgh based technology company has been providing sales and marketing solutions since 1998. Mindmatrix is the only single, fully integrated platform offering complete sales and marketing enablement for direct and indirect sales. Mindmatrix combines Consulting, Asset Management, Sales Enablement, and Marketing Automation for a complete solution surrounding our software. This unified platform takes you through every step in the sales process from lead to revenue, enabling your sales channels to sell more, faster.

If you’re an MSP who struggles with marketing (or sales) then you should definitely check this webinar out. I hear from a lot of MSPs that marketing and sales are 2 areas they struggle with, especially if they’re a small MSP and don’t have dedicated marketing.

View the recording here

Announcing the MSP Voice Webinar Series

We’re going to be trying something new over the next few months…webinars! The idea behind the webinars is to provide more resources to our MSP community. The podcast will still be MSPs but the webinars will allow us to have experts and vendors as guests.

The idea for webinars came about because we heard feedback that our podcast listeners only wanted to hear from MSPs, not vendors. With a webinar, participation is voluntary and you know what it will be before registering. We will also keep recordings of the webinars on the site so you can watch when you want if you can’t attend during the scheduled time.

Our goal is to provide resources the community wants so if you have an idea for a topic/webinar, just let us know in the comments!

MSP Voice Episode 22 – “You’re never too young for IT” with Robert Merva

Guest: Robert Merva

Company: Avrem Technologies

Starting at a young age, Robert started getting technical certifications. Before he graduated high school he was already doing a lot of IT work for the school district. This turned into a job with the school district after graduation but it wasn’t long before Robert decided he could make a business (and a living) out of helping people with their IT needs. Robert believes it’s very important to have your processes defined early and with long-term goals in mind. Robert really does love what he does for a living and can’t imagine doing anything else…it’s always great when you find your passion. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 22 – “You’re never too young for IT” with Robert Merva”

MSP Voice Episode 21 – “FREE STUFF” with Joe Pannone

Joe started Forza soon after college and over the past 20+ years he’s grown it into a successful MSP business. As Joe and his partners developed their business they also found work on the application development side of things. As they were growing, they used this expertise to develop dashboards for both Connectwise Manage and Kaseya. They now offer these dashboards for free to any MSP. Joe also discusses how they’ve succeeded and some great tips and trick for attracting new customers. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 21 – “FREE STUFF” with Joe Pannone”

MSP Voice Episode 20 – “How do you CRM?” with Florian Militaru

This week I talk to Florian Militaru who owns PRO in the Chicago area. Florian came to the US from Romania and started his business in 2003. PRO focuses on residential, break-fix and even some managed services. To run his business, Florian started working with an open source CRM solution,, and has developed modules that connect to multiple systems and is now his PSA. While not for everyone, developing your own solutions based on open source can save you a lot of money! Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 20 – “How do you CRM?” with Florian Militaru”

MSP Voice Episode 19 – Bart Barcewicz from B Suite Cyber Security

Bart and Doug Hazelman discuss security practices in general as well as some things you need to do to make sure you and your customers are secure. Bart also shares some great advice for starting out: “if you want something you’ve never had, you’re going to have to do something you’ve never doneContinue reading “MSP Voice Episode 19 – Bart Barcewicz from B Suite Cyber Security”