MSP Voice Episode 45 – “It’s not 9 to 5” with Jorge Prieto

Guest: Jorge Prieto

Company: Blackland Technologies

This week we have Jorge Prieto out of Texas. Jorge has been in services for 14 years and joined forces with his friend about 3 years ago and business has been great. Like most, Jorge started out with break-fix but now almost all of his clients are on a monthly contract. Jorge decided to start his own MSP after getting frustrated and what he had to deal with as a contractor at other companies. Now if he has a difficult customer he can just fire them instead of having to just deal with it for the sake of the contract. Blackland’s main verticals are health care, title companies, and professions services companies. Towards the end, Jorge explains that running your own business isn’t 9 to 5, it’s a bigger commitment. He also explains that MSP does not mean “break-fix on retainer”.

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