MSP Voice Webinar Series #4 – Nerdio


February 21, 2019 – 2 PM Eastern (Note new date)

Joseph Landes from Nerdio will be joining me to discuss their Cloud IT management platform for Microsoft Azure. Nerdio for Azure is the first IT automation technology that delivers easy packaging, pricing, provisioning, ongoing management, and cost-optimization of IT environments in the Microsoft cloud.

Nerdio Simplifies the un-simple…

We all know it can be somewhat challenging (daunting, time-consuming, and complex) when migrating to Azure. It also often requires a good deal of expertise. Luckily, Nerdio for Azure solves all of these problems. It’s completely turnkey and automated, and so results in faster deployments, easier management, and overall just happier days – remember those?

  • Automated Provisioning
  • Centralized Management
  • Intelligent AutoScaling
  • Backup Automation
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Onboarding Tools

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #3 – VMRacks – HIPAA Compliant Cloud


Secured HIPAA Hosting

January 22, 2019 2PM Eastern

Gil Vidals from VMRacks will be joining us to talk about solutions they provide for HIPAA compliant hosting.

VMRacks Managed HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions simplify HIPAA Compliance – we constantly monitor, maintain and secure your servers, reducing the complexity of maintaining your cloud environment and freeing up your time to work on your business. We do all of this and still have the lowest cost solutions in the HIPAA hosting industry!

All HIPAA Hosting Plans include:

  • Isolated Web Server, Database Server, Web Application Firewall
  • Red Carpet On-boarding and 24/7 Technical Support
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA)
  • Pay monthly even with longer-term pricing discounts.
  • Option to Participate in HIPAA Verification Program

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MSP Voice Episode 30 – “I Saw The Sign” with Omer Choudhary

Guest: Omer Choudhary

CompanyIQ Interactive

IQ Interactive provides solutions for digital signage and point-of-sale. Rather than managing a customer’s IT infrastructure, they manage digital signs (equipment) and they also have a content management system that they’ve developed. Omer started off in IT pretty young and worked for a few companies before starting IQ Interactive. They also partner with other “traditional” MSPs who provide the IT stack while IQ Interactive handles the digital signage.

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MSP Voice Webinar Series #2 – HIPAA for MSPs

January 15, 2019 – 2 PM Eastern

J David Sims from HIPAA for MSPs will be joining me to discuss the services they offer for MSPs who need to focus on HIPAA compliance.

Being part of HIPAA For MSPs enables you to:
  • Attract more clients and increase profits with Compliance-as-a-Service and new revenue streams
  • Get the training and support you need to get your MSP business HIPAA compliant
  • Stop wasting time trying to keep up with what is happening in the “HIPAAsphere” only to discover most of it doesn’t really apply to you
  • Tap into the knowledge and experiences of a community of MSPs and experts who genuinely want to help you succeed

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MSP Voice Episode 29 – “Prescription For Success” With Bart Rogacewicz

Guest: Bart Rogacewicz

Company: BestRX

BestRX is an MSP/Software company who supports independent pharmacies across the US. Typically when we think of a pharmacy we think of the big ones like CVS and Walmart but there’s actually a number of independent pharmacies all over the US. These independent pharmacies need IT and software just like any other small business and BestRX has software and support to help them meet their needs. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 29 – “Prescription For Success” With Bart Rogacewicz”

MSP Voice Episode 28 – “MSP Pioneer” with Tim Shea

Tim has been an MSP Pioneer since the 90’s. After leaving a value added reseller in 1991 Tim started his own company because he saw the future in network services. In 1996 Tim and his partner realized that they need to provide their services for a fixed fee…hence pioneering the managed services model.

They even had to write their first RMM tool themselves. Tim sold that company and founded Alpha NetSolutions in 2002 and has been going strong ever since. Now they focus on small businesses in New England, mostly manufacturing, custom home builders and dentists. Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 28 – “MSP Pioneer” with Tim Shea”

MSP Voice Webinar Series #1 Recording – MindMatrix

I was very happy to have Katie Wallace from MindMatrix join me for our first webinar in the MSP Voice Webinar Series. Katie walks us through their MSP-IT Advantage Program, helping MSPs ramp up their marketing and sales efforts. 

As Katie goes through their program, I ask some questions and we have a nice back-and-forth. To find out more about MindMatrix, please visit their site:

Here’s a recording of the webinar:

MSP Voice Episode 27 – “Learn More With MSP” with John Watkins

John Watkins, who is an engineer by heart, started right out of high school in IT and later teamed up with a local break-fix shop that had multiple locations in the Tampa Bay area. After about 3 years they transition to full MSP and have been growing steadily ever since. As John says , “You’ll never learn more than working for an MSP”.

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MSP Voice Episode 26 – “Hospitality as a Vertical” with Krunal Patel

Guest: Krunal Patel

Company: Ignitus

Krunal is in the UK and he and his company support the hospitality industry (hotels, coffee shops, etc). They’ve been in business since 2009 after Krunal saw some opportunities to consolidate IT services for hotels and retail outlets and provide a one stop shop. Since many hotels are owned by a franchisee Krunal and his team have carved out a great niche for their company. They’re usually involved from design through build and outfitting.
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MSP Voice Episode 25 – “Technology Success” with Doug Miller

Guest: Doug Miller

Company: Brightworks Group

Doug is the founder and CEO of Brightworks Group. Brightworks has been in business for 7 years and they consider themselves as technology success providers. While similar to an MSP, Brightworks Group works with a unique set of customers focused in the high end financial and private equity services. With offices in Chicago and Indianapolis, they have a largely mobile workforce to serve their clients (some of which have offices overseas). Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 25 – “Technology Success” with Doug Miller”