MSP Voice Webinar Series with Myki (Recording)

Myki for MSPs

On May 23, 2019, I hosted Richard Daly and Karim Abousleiman from Myki who walked through their password manager aimed specifically at MSPs. The interesting thing about Myki is that they don’t store your passwords in the cloud, all passwords are stored in an encrypted local database. The secure database can then be synced between devices (phones,  tablets, computers) so it’s accessible on any device you use and they use a browser plug-in like most other password managers.

Myki for MSPs is essentially a password as a service (PWaaS) offering that MSPs can provide to their customers. The MSP has full control of passwords for internal use (by the MSP employees) and can also set up their customers with their own Myki password portal. With per-user (not per-device) pricing there is plenty of room for additional margin for the MSP. The MSP also has the ability to run reports for their customers on password strength as well as duplicate passwords (this is done by comparing the encrypted hashes, not the actual passwords). Myki will also auto-generate passwords, blocking the password from the user so they don’t actually know the password (but can use Myki to login). Myki supports two-factor authentication (2FA) as well, making it pretty robust.

Watch the recording and find out more about Myki, including a product demo…