MSP Voice Webinar Series – Nerdio

On February 21st I hosted Joseph Landes from Nerdio. Nerdio is very unique in that they help MSPs get their customers on Microsoft Azure. Nerdio has built a fully automated platform that will provide all required services and link users to Office 365, allowing the MSP simple setup and management of a complete Azure/Office 365 environment.

Nerdio even helps with pricing and can help you estimate the price for all services (including the Nerdio management interface). You can check out their price calculator where you can plug in all the numbers for a customer and get their estimated pricing.

Part of the management platform even lets you change server types and resources on the fly, all from their interface. You can also set up schedules to scale up or scale back services which can help even more with costs.

Check out the video and see Joseph explain all the details and benefits of Nerdio as well as give a brief demo of the Nerdio platform in action.