MSP Voice Episode 21 – “FREE STUFF” with Joe Pannone

Joe started Forza soon after college and over the past 20+ years he’s grown it into a successful MSP business. As Joe and his partners developed their business they also found work on the application development side of things. As they were growing, they used this expertise to develop dashboards for both Connectwise Manage and Kaseya. They now offer these dashboards for free to any MSP. Joe also discusses how they’ve succeeded and some great tips and trick for attracting new customers.

Free apps for MSPs:

  • CWDash: The Simple and Light Dashboard for ConnectWise
  • KasDash: The Simple and Light Dashboard for Kaseya

If you’re a vendor and want to advertise on the dashboards, check out the partner sponsor site:

  • ForzaDash: The Most effective way to develop a successful channel

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Best of Reddit/Internet (and FREE STUFF)

  • Cyber Security Essentials Toolkit via Powershell

  • Check IT Glue Passwords with HaveIBeenPwned via Powershell

  • Open-Source tool from Netflix to find AWS credential compromise

  • Managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • The optimal number of endpoints/employee

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