MSP Voice Episode 18 – Alvaro Prieto from Auxis

This week’s guest is Alvaro Prieto from AuxisAlvaro and his business partner Raul started Auxis about 20 years ago. Alvaro brought technical skills and Raul was on the business and finance side. Today Auxis employs more than 400 people in the United States and Latin America. Alvaro and Doug Hazelman have a great discussion about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how Auxis has used RPA to accelerate their business. The Auxis blog has some great information on RPA and they also have a report, “Where are with RPA Today” that is available for download.

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Some additional links on RPA and other resources provided by Auxis

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Here are the topics we’ve discussed during the Best of Internet and Best of Reddit:

  • Password security justification

Brief: Client is having bad ideas about security. How to convince the CEO?

  • Techs on bikes

Brief: The city has bad traffic. MSP wants to buy motorbikes to provide faster service

  • Contract agreement questions

Brief: Some clients want MSP to take responsibility for data breach and loss. Is it viable? (hint – NOT AT ALL)

  • MSP insurance

Brief: What type of insurance does a typical startup MSP need?