MSP Voice Episode 16 – Brad Proctor from University PC Care

The interview this week is with Brad Proctor from University PC Care in Greenville, NC. Brad talks about his career and also what they had to do to prepare for Hurricane Florence as it headed towards North Carolina. Brad is a big fan of Apple and was instrumental in having University PC Care become an Apple Authorized Service Provider. Brad has some great advice for all MSPs out there!

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Here are the topics we’ve discussed during the Best of Internet and Best of Reddit:

  • Wasabi Hot Storage secured 68M of investment

We can see that people are worried about if Wasabi Hot Storage a player to stay on the market. We’d say – yes. Just the previous week they’ve secured 68 million investments. That means – more data centers, better infrastructure. Good plus to the already cheap storage

  • Microsoft might build the new Essentials around Office365 capabilities

Brief: Server Essentials is quite a popular server type among SMBs. Microsoft is planning their next, Windows Server Essentials 2019 to be built around Office 365 capabilities.

MSP Career Postmortem

Brief: Lots of good thoughts regarding MSPs. Some are quite personal, the others are business related.

  • MSP in-house marketing

Brief: Many MSPs tend to say that marketing is the biggest headaches of them all. How to perform marketing for a small MSP in a relatively small city?

  • Working in a vertical

Brief: Do you need to get off the vertical? How do you manage your service for the given? Good thread for MSPs, that are focused on the certain vertical or looking to focus