MSP Voice Webinar Series with NETGEAR (Recording)

On May 14, 2019 I hosted a webinar with Shaheen Kazi of NETGEAR where she went over their Insight Pro line of managed network gear. It allows MSPs to deliver network as a service (NaaS) to their customers. With multi-tenancy, remote management and even remote setup, Insight Pro makes complicated networking look easy. Once you purchase an Insight Pro enabled device, it’s only $14.99 (or less) per year to fully manage it through their web and mobile applications.

NOTE: NETGEAR ReadyNAS is also Insight enabled so if you’re using ReadyNAS to store local CloudBerry Backups you can keep track of capacity remotely. 

Some additional resources covered in the webinar:

MSP Information on Insight Pro (included reports cited in the webinar)

Main Insight page

Insight devices

Case studies, reviews, videos and more

Contact NETGEAR sales team about Insight

Watch the recording here: