MSP Voice Episode 8: Kevin Bissinger from Dentek Systems, Inc

In the 8th episode of MSP Voice, we are joined by Kevin Bissinger from Dentek Systems, Inc.

Dentek Systems, Inc. (DSI) was founded in Richardson, Texas circa 2002 as a turnkey Information Technology and Audio/Video solutions provider. We offer an array of services and support for new and existing small to mid-size companies. We specialize primarily in the healthcare industry, however, we have experience with a wide variety of professional and residential projects.

This is also the very first episode to feature our new rubric – the Best of Reddit where we choose the most interesting (in our opinion) topics from r/MSP subreddit. Check the 8th episode of the MSP Voice under the cut!

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Here are the topics we’ve discussed during the Best of Reddit:

  1. Working with end-users
  2. Customers sharing your quote, would you be mad?
  3. Switching from tech to managerial role
  4. Being MSP for a law firm 
  5. CloudBerry MSP survey