MSP Voice Episode 32 – “An Apple a Day” with Jeff Sagraves

Guest: Jeff Sagraves

Company: BlueLine

Jeff is the president of Blueline and based in Charlotte, NC. They consider themselves a technology solutions provider which includes managed services but also a broader set of services. One of their differentiators from other MSPs is that about half of their organization is focused on Apple support, including hiring former Apple Geniuses. Part of their job is to make Macs work in a Windows environment which isn’t always easy.

Blueline does focus a lot on both public and charter schools where Apple products are more prevalent. Jeff didn’t have a technical background but came into services after working for some of the big consulting companies. Jeff focuses on working on the business instead of working in the business and has set up a lot of repeatable methodologies that work well for Blueline and their 20% year over year growth.

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