MSP Voice Episode 31 – “From Copiers to MSP” with Matthew Opyd

Guest: Matthew Opyd

Company: Proven IT

Matthew Opyd got started in break/fix on his own when he was 16 years old and then went to work for an MSP when he was 19. Now several years later, he’s the service manager overseeing over 30 techs and the project team. Proven started out in 2002 selling copiers as Proven Business Systems and moved into offering MSP services about 3 years ago. Proven IT is based in the Chicago area with several offices. They still offer copier and business services as well as MSP. They server multiple verticals rather than specializing in just one.

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Best of Reddit

  1. PSA – You can raise tickets directly with Microsoft and not your supplier (distributor)
    Brief: Make sure you’re set up as the delegated admin for your customers and you can then work directly with Microsoft instead of having to go through your supplier (who you bought the licenses from)

  2. AYCE and LOB Apps
    Brief: How do you support live of business (LOB) apps with an all you can eat (AYCE) contract?

  3. Can a tech get a referral bonus?
    Brief: If a tech or someone not in sales brings in a new customer, should they get a bonus or referral fee? What’s fair?

  4. How did you do in 2018?
    Brief: Was your revenue/profit up or down in 2018?

  5. Switching clients to IPv6, any point?
    Brief: Is there currently any benefit to switching your customers to IPv6?