MSP Voice Episode 30 – “I Saw The Sign” with Omer Choudhary

Guest: Omer Choudhary

CompanyIQ Interactive

IQ Interactive provides solutions for digital signage and point-of-sale. Rather than managing a customer’s IT infrastructure, they manage digital signs (equipment) and they also have a content management system that they’ve developed. Omer started off in IT pretty young and worked for a few companies before starting IQ Interactive. They also partner with other “traditional” MSPs who provide the IT stack while IQ Interactive handles the digital signage.

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Best of Reddit

  1. Pricing for Public Records Act Requests
    Brief: If you serve municipal clients, do they ask you to retrieve records as part of the public requesting public records? How do you price it if they’re AYCE?
  2. Marketing and Sales Ideas
    Brief: OP has a plan for 2019 and is looking for more feedback
  3. Must read books for MSPs
    Brief: What books are good/must read for MSPs?
  4. Breach Report Document
    Brief: How do you document an incident for your customers?
  5. Newish Player entering the MSP Space for SMB – Office Depot Tech Zone. But have no fear
    Brief: Originally discussed in Episode 28, Here’s a post from a former Office Depot employee saying don’t worry about Office Depot. Interesting take from a former insider