MSP Voice Episode 14: with Ben Petersen from Resolve IT

Ben Peterson from Resolve IT decided 8 years ago to move back to his hometown and startup his own MSP Business. During this episode we cover topics such as:

  • building trust with break-fix customers to move them to monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • updating his brand identity
  • the power of search engine optimization for advertising (SEO)
  • “pretty good” vs “Exceptional” in getting referrals
  • And getting started by creating some rules (and sometimes breaking them)

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Here are the topics we’ve discussed during the Best of Reddit:

Brief: What are the standards for opt-out clause that MSPs typically have? 30 days notice or longer?

Brief: Inevitable, you will face client’s infrastructure and will need to assess the gravity of the situation. But when should you do that?

Brief: At some point you might face a client with strict requirements about SLAs. What should you price those? Can you formally call autoresponder in under 20 minutes a response?

Brief: IRS issues proposed regulations on new 20 percent deduction for pass-through businesses. Some attorneys says that MSPs also qualify for it.