Announcing MSP Voice – A New Podcast from CloudBerry

Today we’re excited to launch a new resource for our Managed Service Provider community. MSP Voice is a new podcast from MSPs for MSPs. Each week we plan on releasing a new episode where we interview different MSPs about their business and how they got started. We want this to be a community resource to help all MSPs gain insights into the business of being (or becoming) an MSP.

All episodes will be on YouTube (video) as well as popular podcast channels such as iTunesSoundCloud, and Anchor. You can also subscribe to new episodes via RSS Feed.

Over time we’ll update the interview questions based on feedback from the community and also take suggestions on who we should have appear as a guest.

If you have ideas for the show or want to be a guest, please let us know in the comments. As we’re just launching, getting feedback from the community will be key…we want to provide the content you want. 

Happy Listening!