MSP Voice Episode 64 – “Marketing with your Peers” with Esther Deutsch

Guest: Esther Deutsch

Company: RCS Professional Services

This week I am joined by Esther Deutsch from RCS Professional Services in New York City. Esther is the Operations Manager at RCS and she gives some great insights into her role and also about a peer group she’s forming aimed at MSP marketing professionals (more information on that down below). Started in 1999 by Jeffrey Tebele, RCS Professional Services traces their roots back to Rockwell Computer and Software, a chain of electronics stores in NYC in the ’80s. By focusing on services Jeffrey has built RCS Professional Services into a multi-state provider of IT services and support. When I asked what vertical markets RCS servers, Esther said that it’s the wish to serve all companies who a Phish Phans (Jeffrey is a huge Phish Phan).

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