MSP Voice Episode 44 – “Securing Albuquerque” with Joshua Liberman

Guest: Joshua Liberman

Company: Net Sciences Inc.

Heading out to California to work in the oil and gas industry, Joshua found himself jobless after an explosion in the refinery he was supposed to be working at. While doing odd jobs and temp work, he stumbled onto an opportunity setting up a PC for the temp agency. Working inside appealed to Joshua so he spent the rest of the summer doing PC setups. After finding out he liked technology, Joshua spent time technical writing and setting up some of the earliest networks. Starting Net Sciences in 1995, Joshua has been in business ever since. Net Sciences has a focus on security and their customers have unbelievable uptimes. Two products that Joshua mentions are Nodeware and Vijilan, feel free to check them out! Continue reading “MSP Voice Episode 44 – “Securing Albuquerque” with Joshua Liberman”